[nicola & alex]

The journey with Nicola and Alex started off on such an exciting way.  Nicola’s mom and sister knew that she was about to get engaged and they also knew who she wanted to form part of their journey.  So we got a phone call before the engagement that weekend.  We got to work immediately and contacted the rest of the team to check availability.  ALL her number 1 choices were still available.  As soon as we heard there was a “yes” and she heard that everyone is lined up we started the journey.

The brief we received was out-of-this-world! – any event designer’s dream!  It was daring and out there and we knew straight away that this wedding would be a highlight for the year, not to mentioned our career.  As soon as we worked through their brief we presented her with our take on the design during a brief visit to Johannesburg.  As soon as we got the go ahead Nicola entrusted us with this incredible project so that she and Alex could enjoy this incredible time together.  We started creating and designing custom elements for the wedding and had some surprizes up our sleeves for them.


Of course we had quite a few wine sessions with the family in Stellenbosch as part of the journey.  Spending time with the Du Toit family was a treat and soon the planning did not feel like work.  Getting to know everyone allowed us to design and create something unique for this project.


Soon it was time to start setting up for their wedding over Christmas time and while the family enjoyed their holiday in Hermanus we were busy “building” the venue.  The Conservatory was booked out for 5 days to build all the custom walls and add-ons to the already beautiful venue.  We literally built new walls for the venue with carefully curated structures and topped it off with LED screens which served as “moving wallpaper” throughout the evening.  Blomboy blew everyone away with his unique approach to weddings – exactly what Nicola had in mind.  From floral gardens growing into trees, floral growing on a Grande Piano and two 4m- high floral pillars surrounding the couple in church – this wedding had it all.


On the day of the wedding the families got exactly what they hoped for – a perfect sunny day in the winelands.  Nicola arrived in the most gorgeous soft blue wedding gown by +++++++ and took everyone’s breath away as she entered the church.  Afterwards guest enjoyed a part of Fransschhoek  as we closed off a side street with a custom 30m couch designed specially for this wedding.  The bar had a custom Michael Chandler design from where bubbly and gin was begin served.  


For us as coordinators and event designers this project took our breath away and gave us satisfied feeling which cannot be described in words.  Thank goodness we had Shanna Jones to capture all the moment to perfection…


WeddingEduan Roos