[danna & paul]

Danna and her mom came to meet us all the way from Johannesburg and I will never forget the first time I saw them!  They looked like something from Hollywood.  Their style, elegance and yet down-to-earth aura intrigued me and I knew this journey was going to allow us to move some boundaries.  This was the wedding I was waiting for…


There is always something very different about each wedding but with a Jewish wedding you can double that!  The adrenaline is so overwhelming and with all the rituals the pace of the event is in such a way that you are “in it” the whole time with no time to spare.  When being part of a Jewish wedding I can feel the energy right from the start and the essence of the event is crystal clear – a celebration of love!


From the minute Danna and her mom started to share what they had in mind we got extremely excited.  The daunting part was that she did not have a lot of pictures as she had not seen anything specific that she liked up till then.  We got a blank canvas to exchange ideas with her – the challenge was on!  As a designer herself she has an incredible eye and nothing ordinary would be okayed when presenting our concept.  [no pressure!] 


When visiting their house in Johannesbrug it was confirmed that the design element to this wedding had to be big.  It was like stepping into a magazine! – the pressure was on but luckily her dad came to my rescue with a few glasses of impeccable whiskey.  During this trip I got the final design inspiration to be able to put something together for this incredible family.


We had some crazy ideas and throughout the process Danna was extremely calm and used the words thank you so many times as if she was not paying us to do this…!  We grew to love this family and the journey with them was something we will cherish forever!


Anura was closed off for about 3 days for us to start with setup of the 1000 naked bulbs and ceiling filled with only white orchids growing on branches.  Each orchid flower was removed from the plant and assembled to the branches  growing in the ceiling.  Custom mirrored tables were designed to reflect the ceiling while framed by black ghost chairs which arrived in SA the week of the wedding.  As the weather was a bid dodgy we erected a tent with a clear ceiling in one of the farm’s avenues and Heike blew everyone away with the oversized chuppah dressed in floral.


Danna was a vision in her wedding dress that no one else would have been able to pull off.  The party kept on till late and while sitting on the deck with a glass of wine and looking into this designed space I felt fulfilled and overwhelmed.  Seeing the look on Danna & Paul’s faces while lifted up on their chairs during the horas I knew the boundaries were moved and that this design will be engraved in my memory forever.

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